Straight Steel Shaving Razors Folding Shaving Knife With 10pcs Blades


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Straight Barber Edge Steel Razors Folding Shaving Knife With 10pcs Blades

Product Material: Stainless steel
Size: 14cm after closure
For the crowd: shaved haircut use; get rid of the hairs, body hair; men shaving; eyebrow

Compact, easy to carry; replace the blade, easy to use.
Conservation methods: After using the blade above the hair clean, wipe with a soft dry cloth, such as long-term placement recommendation drop one or two drops of oil conservation, otherwise it will rust.
Ingredients: Install the blade can be used (gift shop a box blade)
Blade can not be long-term use, we recommend frequent replacement

Before use, please use hot water shampoo (Shaving, get rid of body hair with hot water deposited about the same, or use shaving foam), let the hair becomes soft, using them will not feel pain.

Package includes:
1 x Shaver
10 x Blade

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