T-AMP 2 x 15W TA2024 Digital Audio Amplifier Board


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T-AMP 2 x 15W TA2024 Digital Audio Amplifier Board


1. The power to more than 12V current 3A
2. The speaker is best to use an impedance of 4 ohms, some of the high sensitivity
3. For some signal level is relatively low tone, to add the preamplifier to play the effect
4. Note the positive and negative can not be reversed, use the power supply
Electrical Characteristics:
Its own digital processing technology
It requires a single + 12V power supply
Output Power (per channel @ VS = 12V):
15W per channel (4Ω, 10% THD + Noise)
10W per channel (4Ω0.1%, THD + Noise)
Simple engineering evaluation platform for Tripath Technology TA2024C products.
Fidelity performance "generally refers to:
0.04% total harmonic distortion plus noise (9Wrms, 4Ω)
0.18% intermodulation distortion (1Wrms, 4Ω)
Efficiency -> 88% @ full power (RL = 8Ω)
Up to 15w per channel are without heat sink
MUTE and SLEEP input.
Integration of generating sonic boom noise can be eliminated when the switch circuit.
Intelligent short circuit protection.
Intelligent overheating protection
It can be connected to any passive 4 / 8Ω speakers.
Sound system is compatible with any standard audio cable.

Package included:

1 x T-AMP 2 x 15W TA2024 Digital Audio Amplifier Board

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