TCS230 TCS3200 Color Recognition Sensor Detector Module


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TCS230 TCS3200 Color Recognition Sensor Detector Module


TCS230 8-pin SOIC surface mount package, on a single chip has 64 photodiodes. These diodes are divided into four types. Of which 16 photodiode with a red filter; 16 photodiode with a green filter; 16 photodiode with a blue filter; the remaining 16 without any filter, you can all the optical information through. These photodiodes in the chip is arranged in the cross, it is possible to minimize unevenness of the incident radiation, thereby increasing the accuracy of the color recognition; on the other hand, the same color of the photodiode 16 is connected in parallel, uniformly distributed In the diode array, the position error can be eliminated color. In operation, the pins through two programmable dynamically select the desired filter. Typical output frequency range of the sensor from 2 Hz ~ 500 kHz, users can also select two programmable pins to 100%, 20%, or 2% of the output scale factor, or power off mode. Output scale factor so that the output of the sensor can be adapted to different measuring ranges, improved its ability to adapt. For example, when using a low-frequency counter, you can choose a small scaling value so TCS230 output frequency and counter matches


Power supply 3-5v
White LED, can control the on / off.
Can detect non-luminous object color

Package included:

1 x TCS230 TCS3200 Color Recognition Sensor Detector Module

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