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In the timeless classic "Yellow Submarine", Fred driving a yellow submarine, brought the Beatles.
Defeated the evil Blue Meanies– now, although Lennon has gone to heaven, but we can stillplay Captain:
Yellow Submarine bags (Teasub), designed from Ototo, using safe, non-toxic, heat-resistant silicone material.
It comes with hooks can be easily hung on the cup, when it loaded with tea leaves or petals,
it will slowly sinking into the bottom of the cup, naturally exudes fragrance, make your tea time more enjoyable.
Features & details:
Product Name: Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser
Material: Food-grade silicone
Color: Yellow  
Size: Approx. 6cm * 3.7cm * 6.3 cm ( Length * wide * high)
Weight: 30g
Package included:
1 X Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser
Silicone product may be some smell when first opened.
Cook in the boiling water for about 10 minutes and place in the ventilated place.
The smell can be removed.Thank you for your understanding.

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