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ULN2803 Stepper Motor Driver Board For Arduino SCM


Size: 52 x 39mm
Ports: Digital
Chip: ULN2803 (contains 8 channel Darlington transistor drive)
Drive voltage: 5V (recommended) 7-24V (via jumper switch, only external power supply)
Output current: 500mA (total current)
Can be driven 8 channel low level equipment or two five-pin stepper motor
Platform: Arduino, MCU


Use ULN2803, can drive 8 channel low level equipment
Allows Arduino direct drive relay via low level, such as 12V LED lights strip, stepper motor
Onboard voltage input jumper, can be directly used Arduino-powered, can also be driven by an external power supply
You can directly drive 8 relays or 8 channel 12V LED lights strip
Inputs use Arduino 3P interface can be directly connected to the sensor board
Completely replace the 7 channle output ULN2003 drive plate, directly compatible

Package included:

1 x ULN2803 Stepper Motor Driver Board

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