Vehicle MP3 Player GSM Warning Device Anti-theft LBS Tracker Locator


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512M memory to play music, FM radio, can also connect to USB devices.
Use GSM(need SIM card) to monitor your car to prevent steal or damage.
Will send you a text message to your phone about the car location.
Remote warning: turn into precaution status when you set the phone number.
Will send you a warning message about 2 min at a time when the car vibrates.
Remote monitoring: you can call the number to hear the sound in your car.
Remote setting or withdraw precaution: SMS or dial.
Send 111111 to the device number to set the precaution on, send 000000 to withdraw it.
Call the device number, and hang up within 10s, it will automatically turn on.
Support 900/1800MHz GSM mobile network.
Sensitivity: According to the car type to set the sound pressure and vibration sensor sensitivity.
Built-in sound pressure sensor / vibration sensor, 500mah l-ion battery.


It uses GSM from the SIM card to locate, deviations are normal.

Package Includes:

1 x MP3 player warning device
1 x USB cable
1 x Bracket
1 x Battery
1 x Manual

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