Venicen Ring Stand Universal Car Holder Hook For Mobile Phone Tablet


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Brand: Venicen
Compatible with : Mobile Phone, Tablet
Material: Metal
Type: Car Holder Hook

Note: The car holder hook is used with the ring stand holder (please refer to the following pictures), 
you could order the ring stand together:

The ring stand holder's advantages :

1.It can convenient take photo with one hand
2.It is convenience to text input, or play games, or watching movies
3.It can use all the functions of slide mobile and tablet PC with one-stand
4.To effectively reduces the risk of falling down in crowed place

5.The ring can be revolve in either horizontal direction 360° or vertical direction 180°
Can be worn as a ring and allows you to use your phone without having to grip it tightly,
and gives you more security and stability when holding the divice so you've less chance of dropping it
Maximum cohesive force: 4kg (For the first time, the surface of place must be smooth and even, pressure it about 5 seconds after adhesive by force, vertical direction 90, Take-up for testing)

while as the increase of paste time, adhesion force get poor, to recover its adhesion, just put the paste surface to the water,then clean and dry it, thus adhesion force can recover

Package included:

1 x Car Holder Hook 

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