Vertical Pro Battery Grip For Nikon D7100 MB-D15 Camera EN-EL15


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Vertical Pro Battery Grip For Nikon D7100 MB-D15 Camera EN-EL15


This battery grip/holder is a Pro Battery Grip for the Nikon D7100 MB-D15 EN-EL15  DSLR Cameras. Vertical shutter release button on the Battery Grip makes shooting with the camera in a vertical position much easier, adding stability to the camera.


Multi-function battery box
With the exposure control function
Half the focus shutter vertical shooting
Convenient grip, can accommodate SIX lithium batteries
With the shutter and the main control dial wheel vertical shooting


Suit For: Nikon D7100 MB-D15
Lithium battery box,Can be mounted 1 pieces of EN-EL15 lithium battery
Vertical shoot shutter:  Half the focus Convenient vertical Portrait shooting
Vertical shoot shutter switch: For opening and locking the vertical shoot shutter, to prevent accidentally touch shot
The main driving wheel Dial with camera function consistent wheel, which can adjust the aperture and shutter speed

How To Installation Battery Grip

1.Find a battery bin switch D7100 handle, pull open the battery chamber (button to open pull ring, rotary draw ring opening)
2.The prepared battery in the battery box (the main positive and negative pole)
3.The battery box installed into handle battery bin, bin cover and screw good

The Installation of Battery Grip And Camera

1. Find the battery compartment behind the camera and opened out the battery (make sure the battery switch has been set in the closed position).
2. Open the battery chamber cover the camera at a 45 degree angle and carefully pull out
3. The connection port electrode column at the bottom of the handle is inserted into the camera. The three screws at the camera tripod screw connection   And press the handle is screwed and connected with a hand wheel in the direction indicated by.
4.Turn the camera power switch, confirm the LCS body of the camera can only be used with information display.

Kindly Attention:

1.This handle can only be used with compatible devices
2.To prevent the metal substance caused by short circuit of power supply terminal, when not in use, please cover cap
3.The handle is not equipped with a power switch, please use the camera power switch to open or close the power supply
4.Do not place the batteries in water or fire, nor will the battery package directly to the output terminal short circuit
5.Don't be decomposed or assembled battery plate
6.Please use the specified charger
7.Placed independently or unused for a long time, the battery remove the battery box

Package included:

1 x MB-D15 Battery Grip for D7100
1 x Shutter Cable
1 x Product Specification
1 x Warranty Card

Detail pictures:

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