VK1613S3M5 Sirf GPS Tachograph Module Navigation Chip


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VK1613S3M5 Sirf GPS Tachograph Module Navigation Chip


VK1613S3M5 GPS module is a complete GPS receiving equipment, with a full range of capabilities to meet the stringent requirements and industry positioning. Compact, can be means inside the car anywhere, low power consumption, can adapt to the individual user's needs. The product uses a new generation of SIRFIII low-power chip, high sensitivity, in urban canyons, lower overhead and other weak signal areas, can be fast, accurate positioning.It can be widely used in a variety of open-close GPS terminal products, such as: car navigation automobile security systems, vehicle monitoring and other GPS applications.

GPS applications in the fields of PDA, Pocket PC, and other portable devices
Personal positioning and trajectory tracking vehicle location and other products
Area measurement and distance measurement and other mapping products
UTC time and timing synchronization field
Track records and GPS data points calibration products
Single-sided surface-mount, secondary SMT program, more rapid application
Lead-free manufacturing process and RoHS compliant
Satellite Quality Control: rich set of satellite software quality control and prevention elegant setting

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1 x VK1613S3M5 Sirf GPS Tachograph Module Navigation Chip

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