Walkera QR X350 Premium Quadcopter With DEVO F12E Ground Station FPV1


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Walkera QR X350 Premium RC Quadcopter With Camera DEVO F12E Ground Station FPV 1

Brand name : Walkera
Product Name : QR X350 Premium
Version : FPV 1
Main Rotor Diameter : 72CM
Main Rotor Blade Length : 23.5CM
Brushless Motor spec : 34-001*6
Brushless ESC spec : 15A BL ESC*6
Receiver : RX705
Transmitter(standard) : DEVO F12E
Battery : 22.2V5400mAh (Battery not included)
Flight Duration : 25 minutes                                                                        
Radio Transmitter Control Range : 1km
Video Range : 500m 
Brushless gimble : G-3D
Number of Channels :12
Camera : HD wide-angle lens camera(1080P)
Flying Weight : 2200G
Length*Width*Hight : 50*50*30CM
Rotor Type : Hexa-copter
Experience Level : High-end
Recommended Environment : Outdoor

Key Features:  
360° Auto Rotation Circle Mode
Follow Me Mode
One Key to Start (Auto take off)
One key to go home
Failsafe returns and lands
Supports G-2D, G-3D, G-3DH,G-3S gimbal
Supports Waypoint flying mode
Monitor Flight Time, On Screen Display for long distance piloting
Dual GPS System. High performance GPS/GLONASS provides redundancy and accuracy in autopilot.
HUD Technology On Screen Display showing Home Direction, Compass Rose, Flight Mode, Flight Speed, Flight Duration, GPS Coordinates, Battery Voltage and other functions
System self-diagnostic. Prearm safety checks on receiver, GPS signals , compass , barometer and battery.
Ground Station Control System. Using a mobile phone or tablet, you can change flight modes and set waypoints.
Equipped with HD wide-angle lens camera/iLook+/Gopro for aerial photography
First Person View (FPV) with a professional 12-channel radio and Goggle2 Pro(not included), real-time telemetry monitoring aircraft battery voltage, height , distance, flight speed, flight time , GPS coordinates.

This FPV 1 version,just with a camera ,a DEVO F12E transmitter and Ground Station,package not included battery and charger .

Packing included:
1 x Walkera QR X350 Premium RC Quadcopter
1 x DEVO F12E transmitter

1 x Flight Controller
1 x GPS Module
1 x RX705 Receiver
1 x camera
1 x Ground station

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