Wall Socket Panel Lamp Switch Button 1-Gang 2-Way 10A Light Controller


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This Wall Switch Panel provides one switch to control the light in your home.
Ideal for use in daily life, perfectly match various home design

1. Material: PC Flame-resistant material
2. Button Number: 1 Gang
3. Copper material: Phosphor Bronze
4. Input voltage: AC 110V~250V
5. Rated current: 10A
6. Color:White
7. Total Size: 81mm*81mm*46mm
Button Size: 50mm *60mm

1.Using high-quality PC material,provides high heat resistance, shock resistance and flame resistance
2.This switch is a 1-Gang 2-Way Switch (A pair of switches can be used to control one device in two different places)
3.With CE certification,protect your safety at home

Package include:
1x Switch Panel

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