Wardrobe kitchen Drying Desiccant Exrantic Dehumidizier Agent Bags


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Description :

Wardrobe kitchen Drying Desiccant Exrantic Antihumidity Dehumidizier Wetting-out Agent Bags

This is 3PCS a set a Drying Desiccant Bag, which is ferfect for Wardrobe, Saving box, Bookcase, Shoecae and etc.
Made of calcium oxide matrial, it is good for Dehumidification and Deodorization, a good helper for your life.

Convenient and Scientific design, you can carry it to anywhere you want easily cause it is sealed and mini size.
It isconvenient to use , just need to carry it to the space you want and open the package and then it can work.

Warm Note :
when the granular material inside have benn disslove and became colloidal, you can throw it away.

Specification :

Material : calcium oxide
Size : 15 x 10cm
Weight : 60g/piece
Color : Green

Pakage Includes :

3 x Wardrobe kitchen Drying Desiccant bags

Detail Pictures :

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