XTAR XTVTC4 25A High Drain 2200mAh IMR Rechargeable 18650 Battery


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Product name: XTAR XTVTC4 25A 2200mAh IMR 18650 Battery(Flat top)
Capacity: 2200mAh capacity (100mAh more than VTC4)
Voltage: 3.7v
Cut-off voltage: 3.0v
Max charge current: 2.2A
Max constant discharging current:25A
Positive Pole: flat top
Size: 65mm(length)

1.25A high drain current and lower internal resistance which ensure enough power to make huge vapor for e-cigarette as its best partner

2.2200Mah Ensure enough energy and enduring working time for e-cigarette, supporting about 3500 times smoking
3.Exact size and easy installation, better for e-cigarette
4.Reliable supply: Sufficient battery cell in hand which can make sure a short lead time for you

Package included:
1 x XTAR XTVTC4 25A 2200mAh IMR 18650 Battery(Flat top)

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