0.28mm Hotline Games Performance Competition Mouse Feet for Steel Xai/Sensei/Raw


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0.28mm Hotline Games Performance Competition Mouse Feet for Steel series Xai/Sensei/Raw

Zero friction series from Huoxian technology are specially designed for professional gamers.
The unique material guarantees that the coefficient of static friction and gliding friction are almost the same,
which means no abrupt change of feeling when you suddenly start to move the mouse or stop it.
And therefore,you may play smoothly and more accurately.

1.Perfect Fit for your SteelSeries Xai / Sensei
2.Performance:Made with PTFE Teflon with 3M Adhesive
3.Competition:Adopts highly smooth materials which is latest researched and developed in order to show its extremely low coefficient of friction

Instructions of usage:
1.Clean the mouse feet carefully.(Make use of alcohol Wipe clean if possible.)
2.Peel off the mouse skates with caution that you don’t touch the sticky side
3.Place the mouse skates fitly on the mouse feet when they are clean and dry
4.Exert pressure on the mouse skates for about 30 seconds to ensure the bond

Package included:
1 x  0.28mm Mouse feet
1 x instruction
1 x alcohol caution
1 x Antistatic fiber tweezer (performance version without this)
1 x towel (performance version without this)

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