100pcs 100-450MM Nylon Cable Wire Zip Ties Cord Wraps Black & White


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100pcs Cable Ties Tie Wraps Fantastic Grip Flexible Tough 100 200 250 350 370 450MM

Material: Nylon
Color: Black, White

Type Size (L X W) Bearing
2.5*100 100×1.8mm 8KG
4.8*200 200x5mm 18KG
4.8*250 250x5mm 18KG
4.8*300 300x5mm 18KG
4.8*350 350x5mm 18KG
4.8*450 450x5mm 18KG
5*200 200x5mm 22KG
5*300 300x5mm 22KG
5*370 370x5mm 22KG
7.2*250 250×5.6mm 22KG

Flexible and Tough.
Fantastic grip.
Strong-acid resistance, safe and non-toxic.
Not easy to aging and resilience.
Working condition:-35 degrees to +85 degrees.
It can help you arrange the electric wire,strip,or rope and so on.
Available in Black and white.
Multi size for your choose.

Packing Included:
1x Bag(100pcs) Cable Ties

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