12V 40L/Min 175W Portable Electric Fuel Diesel Pump Oil Kerosene Pump Transfer


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12V 40L/Min 175W Portable Electric Fuel Diesel Pump Oil Kerosene Transfer Pump 

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Material : Cast iron
Pipe mouth diameter : 25mm
Power cord length : Approx. 2m
Flow rate : 36-50L/min
Suction lift : 3m
Head lift : 15m
Motor : 175W
Voltage : 12V/24V
Packsge size : 290 x 170 x 155mm (Approx.)
Fits : Bulldozer , Digging machine , ect.

Note :
The oil pump work continuously without oil – absorbing idle no more than 5 minutes, in order to avoid the pump core, scraping frictional heat damage.
Pump after 500 hours of operation, should ask professional maintenance.
Special oil pump self-priming pump for diesel. Should not be used for low ignition point and high viscosity oil gas gasoline.
Before use, should confirm the power supply voltage is consistent with the oil pump.
DC power supply (+) (-),the red line is positive, otherwise, no oil pump reversal.
As indicated by the arrows for inlet and outlet pipe, inlet pipe and fittings shall not leak. In order to ensure the absorption process.
The filter inlet pipe cutting for the assembly, avoid hard debris suction pump cavity and damage the pump core, scraping.
Always remove filter surface dirt, the surface of the screen can not be reused stockings wrapped meticulous filtering. Only in the outlet end with stockings wrapped to filter, or filter blocking caused by reduced flow and pump damage.
Not suitable for Flammable liquids, e.g. petrol.

Package included: (Show as the picture)

1 x Portable Transfer Pump
2 x Connectors
2 x Clips
1 x Filter
1 x Handle
1 x Ptfe tape
4 x Fixing Screws

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