132W Electric Unicycle Battery 18650 22PM Lithium Ion Battery 60V


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132W Electric Unicycle Battery 18650 22PM lithium Ion Battery 60V


Model                 16SIP                 
Nominal Voltage 60V
Rated Capacity 2200mAh
Power 132W
Range of Application All Electric Unicycle in Banggood

1.Can fit all electric unicycle in Banggood.
2.Output is stable,replace the battery safely

1.Do not espose to dispose of the battery in fire
2.Avoid shorting the battery
3.Do not disassemble or deform the battery
4.Do not immerse in water
5.Do not use the battery mixed with other different type or model batteries
6.Keep out of the reach of Children
7.Operating temperature:(-20)~(60)

Package Includes:
1x Battery

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