14 in 1 Multi-function Screwdriver Knife Wrench Survival Tools Card


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Description :

14 in 1 Multi-function Screwdriver Knife Wrench Survival Mini Tools Card

The PRT life saving card has amazing small size and has a total of 14 functions.
The product is a set of perfect combination of condensed version diversified functions, it is much smaller even than a credit cards or name card , can put into all kinds of wallet or hide perfectly on your body cloths.

Made of quality FULL BLACK 425 stainless steel, delicate manual design. and more, there is a solid and durable holster attached with the multifunctional tool.

Specification :

Length : 85cm
Width : 55cm
Thickness : 1 mm
Handle material : Steel
Size : 8.6 x 5.5 CM
Weight  : 46g

Main function :

Can opener : the following hook the used together with the mouth is, can be easily open tin cans.
The knife : sharp blade, cutting ropes, wash clean cut fruit more is not a problem.
A screwdriver, located in the card of the Angle (this position using the mechanics principle increases the strength and more energy), the science Angle cutting into a word screwdriver, reasonable of commonly used models can screw.
Straightedge rule : the metric scale, the minimum scale for mm.
Bottle opener : suitable for beer, beverage and etc and the open bottle cap.
Positioning hex wrench : four different types of six arrises wrench, suitable for daily use of the size of the bolts and the nuts.
Live wrench : namely long strips hollow out slot, can be twisted any flat model bao hou different take  items.

Package includes :

1 x Multi-function Survival Knife Tools Card
1 x Leather holster

Details pictures :


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