1pcs HETER 26650 3.7V 4500mAh lithium Rechargeable Battery


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No.   Item Standard     Note
    1.       Standard Capacity 4500mAh   0.5C,(current value of 4500mA at 1C)
 2.   StandardVoltage   3.7V  
 3.   Charge Cut-off Voltage   4.2±0.05V   

constant current charge to 4.2V at 0.5C,

constant voltage charge to stop until 0.01C mA

 4.   Charge Cut-off Current   0.01C
 5.   Discharge Cut-off Voltage   2.75V  
 6.   Cycle Characteristic  1000 times   80% DOD, the residual capacity is no less than 80% of rated capacity at 1C rate.
 7.   Max. Continuous Discharge Current   13A  
 8.   Pulse Discharge Current   20A  
 9.   Working Temperature  



 10.   Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 45°C  
 11.   Battery Weight    92 g (Approx.)  
 12.   Alternating Internal Resistance   ≤30mΩ   with PTC
13 Dimension Diameter:26.2±0.1


Notice for use:
Please pay attention to followings in case of battery will have leakage, heat etc.
Do not immerse the battery in water or seawater, and keep the battery in a cool dry surrounding if it stands by.
Do not use or leave the battery at high temperature as fire or heater. Otherwise, it can overheat or fire or its
performance will be degenerate and its service life will be decreased.
Do not reverse the position and negative terminals.
Do not connect the battery electrodes to an electrical outlet.
Do not short circuit. Otherwise it will cause serious damage of the battery.
Do not transport or store the battery together with metal objects such as hairpins, necklaces, etc.
Do not strike, trample, throw, fall and shock the battery.
Do not directly solder the battery and pierce the battery with a nail or other sharp objects.
Do not use the battery in a location where static electricity and magnetic field is great, otherwise, the safety
devices may be damaged, causing hidden trouble of safety.
Use the battery charger specifically when recharging.
If the battery leaks and the electrolyte gets into the eyes, do not rub the eyes, instead, rinse the eyes with clean water, and immediately seek medical attention. Otherwise, it may injure eyes.
If the battery gives off strange odor, generates heat, becomes discolored or deformed, or in any way appears abnormal during use, recharging or storage, immediately stop charging, using, and remove it from the device.
In case the battery terminals are dirty, clean the terminals with a dry cloth before use. Otherwise poor performance may occur due to the poor connection with the instrument.
Tape the discarded battery terminals to insulate them.

Package included:
1 x HETER 26650 3.7V 4500mAh lithium Rechargeable Battery

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