2.4G E27 8W Color Temperature Adjustable Dimmable LED Bulb AC85-265V


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E27 8W 2.4G LED bulb could change the color temperature between 2800K and 6500k. You could change the color temperature you like.  Each bulb could only match one group with the same controller. One controller could be matched many bulbs, however, one lamp could only match 4 controller at most at the same time.

There is only one E27 LED  bulb in the package. The remote control is not included. Please noted.
If you would like the remote control, please have a look at the 2.4G RF Remote Control

Connector                                  E27
Type Globe Bulbs
Light  Color                                Adjustable Warm White Or White  
Color Temperature (K) 2800–6500
Features Dimmable
Wattage (W) 8
Voltage (V) AC 85-265V  50-60HZ
Light Source SMD 5630
LED Quantity 28
Luminous Flux (lm) 0-750
Beam Angle 180°
Working Temp -40°c–60°c
CRI ≥80
Dimension (mm) 132 x 60 (H x D)


1. It is a high-performance remote control LED bulb, adopting the wireless remote to control the switch and adjust color
temperature and brightness.

2. No extra wiring installation, simple and convenient. Adopting imported LED and the power consumption of LED bulbs
is 20% of the traditional incandescent lamp. The life span of LED bulbs is over 10 times longer than the fluorescent lamp.
Easy to install and use, safe and stable. Intelligent, energy saving, environmental protection.

3. The forging and stamping aluminum lamp body, to the maximum extent, successfully solves the heat sink trouble by air
backflow with increasing more fins. Cover of LED bulb is made of PC and nanometer coolant, light transmittance over 85%,
light transmits evenly.

4. With the technology of the 2.4G high frequency wireless remote control, it has the characteristics of low power consumption,
long distance transmission, and strong anti-interference ability, high speed telecommunications, etc.

5. The remote looks fashionable and elegant, with the function of night light mode and memory (that is to say, the previous
settings will be resumed when power on again).

How to use

A. Steps for connection between remote control and lights

1) Select a zone you want to assign the lights. (Anyone from zone 1 to 4 )
2) Swtich on the main power supply of the lights,and quickly press your selected “Channel on” button 3 times within 3 seconds from the moment of lights on.
3) The lights will be blinking for 3 times on and off,if this establishment is successful.
4) If you fail to finish this action within 3 seconds from the lights on, please power off the lights, and wait for 10 seconds, then repeat step 2.
5) you can repeat the above steps to establish connection in other zones.

B. Steps for disconnection

1) Select which zone you want to disconnect the establishment.
2) Swith off the lights in the selected zone and wait for 10 seconds.
3) Switch on the lights again, and quickly press your selected “Channel”button 5 times within 3 secondes from the moment of lights on.
4) When this disconnect  operation is successful, the light quickly blinks 10 times on and off.
5) If you fail to finish this action within 3 seconds from the lights on, please power off the lights, and wait for 10 seconds, then repeat step 3.
6) You can repeat the above steps to disconnect establishment in other zones.

C. Night light mode

1) Press and hold "All off" button for 2 seconds, the lights of all zones go into the night light mode at the same time. And press "All on" button, the lights of all zones come back.
2) You can also assin the night light mode separately for each zone by "Channel off" and "Channel on", the operation is similar to step 1.
3) There is no choice to adjust the brightness in night light mode.


1. Please check whether the input voltage and lamp base is in accordance with the product.
2. Please don’t connect wires with power on.
3. Please do not put the bulb in the place with widely range metal area or strong electromagnetic wave nearby, otherwise, the
remote distance will be seriously affected.
4. If the controller could not control the bulb the first time, please try to be code match as the description.
5. When you use the bulb, please look at the description carefully.

Package Included:

1 x 8W E27 LED Bulb  (not included remote control)

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