2 Pin PTT Headset Mic Earpiece Earphone for Walkie Talkies


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Description :

2 Pin PTT Headset Mic Earpiece Earphone for Walkie Talkies

Features :

Flexible design, easy to use, high quality sound and it would be hardly noticed by others around you.
Directional and extremely durable PTT microphone.
The earbud fits snugly in the left or right ear with easy and keeps your conversations private.
Ideal tool for Bodyguards or Doorman's.

Compatible Models :

Kenwood handheld Radio : TK-208/308, TK-220/320, TK-240/340, TK-240D/340D, TK-248/348, TK-250/350/353, TK-260/360, TK-260G/360G, TK-270/370, TK-270G/370G, TK-272G/372G/373G, TK-278G/378G/388G Pro-Talk, TK-430/431, TK-2100/3100 Pro-Talk, TK-2102/3102 Pro-Power, TK-2107/3107 Pro-Talk, TK-2160/3160, TK-2170/3170/3173, TK-2200/3200, TK-3101/3131 Free-Talk, TK-3130.

LINTON handheld Radio : LT-2288, LT-3288, LT-6288, LT-5288, LT-3188, LT-2188, LT-3260, LT-2268, LT-3268 , LT-6188, LT-6600, LT-6100 LT-6100plus.

PUXING handheld Radio : PX-777, PX-666, PX-3288, PX-888

WEIERWEI handheld Radio : VEV-3288S, VEV-6288, VEV-5188.

FEIDAXIN handheld Radio : FD-6288 FD-268 , FD-288.

WOUXUN handheld Radio : KG-669, KG-669plus, KG-689, KG-679, KG-659, KG-689plus

QUANSHENG handheld Radio : TG-K4AT , TG-2AT, TG-45AT, TG-42AT, TG-22AT, TG-25AT/TG-UV2

Package includes :

1 x Walkie Talkie Earphone

Details pictures :


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