20cm Simulation Fishing Lures Soft Silicone Hook baits 5pcs


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Name: Fishing Lures
Quantity: 5pcs
Total Weight: 41g
Body Length: 20cm
Package Bag Dimension:20cm x 15.5cm
Main Color: Black(as is shown in the picture)

Stronger handmade,It is not easy to fall off from the hooks
Made of durable soft plastic, can easily attached to the fish hook
Very convenient durable fishing tool, bright colors can easily attract big fish.
The shape and dimension imitate the real fish at high technology level,increase your catches
Be suitable for saltwater and fresh water

Packaged Includes:
5x Fishing lures (in one package bag)

Keep the producs out of the reach of the children.the product is highly simulation,do no eat.
Do no put the difference color softlure in one container,it  will be dyed
Put in cool and dry place,keep away from sunlight and high temprature
The products could no use in any other place except fishing
Deal with hooks carefully after using,keep the fishing gronuds clean.

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