21 Inch Spruce Ukulele Gradient Blue Musical Instrument


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21 Inch Spruce Ukulele Gradient Blue Musical Instrument

Spruce wood for the ukulele is extremely precious materials, so the sound quality than different material is much better, the piano body is not easy to deformation, cold resistant, easy to used and maintenance. 21 inch size portable, playing


Specification 21 inch
Fingerboard code:Rose wood
Fingerboard: rose wood
Panel: spruce wood
Side back: spruce wood
String: Nylon
String quasi: all closed

1. The Ukelele features 4 strings which are made of nylon.
2. The Ukulele is in loose state before shipping to protect it from damage. Even if it is well adjusted, it will still in wrong tone after shipping. Then you have to tune it up again. Besides, the string elasticity does not reach saturation and needs to be tuned up repeatedly, which does not belong to product problem.
3. The top of this product is made of spruce wood. Please read details about the material and size carefully while purchasing.
Package included:
1 x 21" Ukulele

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