220-380V 5A On/Off Switch Button for Grinding Cutting Drilling Machine


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220-380V 5A On/Off Switch Button for Grinding Cutting Drilling Machine

This Grinding Machine Switch use for control the machine work.
Green "on" button and red "off" button, Cutting Machine Switch can be press when you need.
This Drilling Machine Switch must work in the place without rain and snow.
Size: 3.4*1.8* 0.75 inch (L*W*H)
Rated Voltage: 220-380V
Rated Current: 5A
Max relative humidity: 90%
Temperature: -25-40 degrees centigrad
Sea level is equal or lesser than 2500cm
vibration amplitude is equal or lesser than 0.5mm,  frequency is equal or lesser than 600/min.
Package included
1 x Switch Button

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