230-240V 650W 800ML Electric Paint Zoom Spray Gun Paint Spraying Tool


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Description :

230-240V 650W 800ML Electric Paint Zoom Spray Gun Paint Spraying Tool

This electric paint spray gun is made of ECO friendly material with excellent workmanship. The electric spray gun is equipped with full copper motor effectively preventing the generation of noise  ensure your working efficiency at the same time.Suitable for car, furniture, equipment, guardrail, house decoration.

Features :

Spray paint evenly with low noise.
Spraying flow is adjustable.
Fit for car ,furniture,equipment,guardrail,house decoration.
Can removable,easy to use.

Specification :

Working Voltage 230-240V 50Hz
Power 650W
Tank Capacity 800ml
Atomizing Output 105W
The Air Flow 300ml/min
The Nozzle Diameter 0.8mm
Max Viscosity 130 Din-secs
Flexible Hose length 1.5m
Motor Speed 32000rpm

Notice :

1. To avoid electrical shock, do not expose the product to rain, to be stored indoors.
2. When working, please follow the safe use instructions.
3. Spray gun equipment can only be used for spraying liquids such as paints and thinners.
4. Please work in a ventilated environment, not to ignition sources.
5. When working, do not smoke, wear protective masks, recommend wearing gloves, glasses, wearing overalls.
6. Make sure the spray area is safe, away from the potential danger factors Whatever the case, nozzle not facing humans and animals.
7. Do not let children and unauthorized persons operating or playing with gun equipment.
8. Before using ,please read the dilution instructions, after using, comprehensive clean the gun and suction tube, cleaning equipment, separate each part.
9. Use only the manufacturer's parts, do not use the air supply pipe or wire and pull the entire equipment before each use, check the air supply pipe, sending pieces of pipe and wire link, if there is damage, need to be replaced.

Package includes :

1 x 230-240V 650W 800ML Electric Paint Zoom Spray Gun

Details pictures :

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