3.5 Inch 4 Channel CPU Cooling Fan Speed Controller for Desktop


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Your computer's fans are just like sports fans; they’re loud, obnoxious, and never shut up. If you are annoyed with it, you can take control of your fans with this 4 channel fan speed controllers.
Reduce noise and maintain proper heat levels of your computer to keep all the parts of your computer running long and strong.
With the ability to manage 4 fans at once, you’ll be able to silence all the rowdy fans you want and walk away with a cool victory.
Stylish housing with Ultra-Bright blue LED light, it can also decorate your computer very well.
Suitable for most computers on the market.
Practical, economical and easy to install.

Regulated max power output: 30W
Voltage of the 4 fans: 6V to 12V
Max current: 2.8A
Material: high-temperature resistance plastics
Size: 10.60cm x 10.10cm x 2.50cm (L*W*H)
Color of LED: Blue

Package includes:
1 x Fan Speed Controller
4 x Mini Screws

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