360 Degree Rotating Bed Table Mount Clip Holder Stand For Tablet


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360 Degree Rotating Bed Table Mount Clip Holder Stand For Tablet

Practical and durable design.
Safely position your device by fixing it to your bed, table, desk and other similar places for hands-free operation of your tablet PC, mobile phone and other devices.
Strong table clip can firmly and securely fix the holder and your device on the surfaces with a thickness within 7cm.
Easy and convenient to install and move the holder.
Silicone clip arms and sponge pads can protect your device from shocking, scratching and other unwanted damages.
360°free rotation of the clip holder provides you optimal viewing, effectively reduce neck pains or hand pains cause by inappropriate tablet using angles.
The neck of the holder can be twisted from up to down for 360°.
The long neck can be adjusted, max length up to 61.5cm, and you can adjust the height of the holder according to your own need.
The width of the clip holder is 7.3cm, and the length of the clip can be extended from to 28.8cm, which makes it ideal to clip your device that the length of one edge is 7.3cm or greater and the length of another edge is between 2cm and 28.8cm .
If you want to clip your mobile phone, you’d better turn the 2 clip side of the cradle inward in order to reduce the area and hold your phone securely.
Suitable for iPad mini 1/2, iPad 1/2/3, Kindle, Kindle DX, Kindle 2, Kindle 3, PlayBook 101, Nook, Nook Colour, Streak, Xoom, Galaxy Tab, Reader, Reader Touch, Reader Pocket, Reader Daily, G Tablet, ViewPad 7, ViewPad 10, TouchPad Android, Blackberry, Motorola, Samsung Tablet PC, Samsung Galaxy Note 3/4, iPhone 6 plus etc.

Material: stainless steel & plastic & silicone gel
Full length of the neck: 61.5cm
Table clip: fits for table, bed, chair etc. with a thickness within 7cm
Length of tablet clip holder: 2-28.8cm
Width of tablet clip holder: 7.3cm

Note: Table and iPad are not included.

Package includes:
1 x Gooseneck Holder For Tablet PC
2 x Sponge Pads

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