368-A Professional Key Cutting Machine Locksmith Tools 220V 200W


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Description :
368-A Professional Key Cutting Machine Locksmith Tools 220V 200W

Features :

368-A key cutting machine, can copy a variety of pit-shaped, wave-shaped, three or four equal cylindrical key.

1. Multi functional practical machine, equipped with horizontal feeding movable handle.
2. Multifunctional steel fixture, can copy various hollowness type,wave type,cylindrical key and key for multi lock and composite bead keys and some auto keys,such as BM W,HON DA,Volks wagen auto keys.
3. Fixture with dark key duplication service pitch line and cylinder type key assembly function (multifunctional clamp).
4. Motor increasing power, hard ball guide.
5. Alloy tool, can copy the iron key, difficult abrasion tool.

Specification : 

Voltage : 220V
Frequency : 50 – 60 Hz
Power : 200W, more powerful than the normal key cutting machine~
Size about : 31 x 30 x 39 cm
Weight : 11KG

Package includes : 

1 x 368-A Professional Key Cutting Machine
1 x Full Accessories Set As Following Pictures Show
Comes with the adapter according to your country 🙂
Details pictures : 

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