450nm 1000mW Focusable Blue Laser Moudle 12V TTL Blue Laser Beam


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450nm 1000mW Focusable Blue Laser Moudle 12V TTL Blue Laser Beam With Cooling Fan


Wavelength 450nm
Output power 1000mW
Input Voltage 12V
Working Current <1200mA
Operating temperature 10 to 40 degrees Celsius
Storage temperature 10 to 50 degrees Celsius
TTL 0V OFF/ 5V ON; 0-20Khz.
Power supply PLUG and PLAY
Working life >5000 hours
Usage Can be used for engraving machine,  stage lighting, flashlight, warm measurement (ranging) instrument, marking device, horizontal ruler,  and other products.

1.Focusable Design.
2.Full 1W output, can be used for engraving machine, stage lights,ect.
3.With Fan cooling system,can be used for a long time.
4.High transmittance optical system;
5.Low power consumption, high performance optical power output;
6.Stable performance, good consistency and long service life.

Please never point the laser beam to Human or animal's eyes.
Please never point the laser beam to aircraft in the sky.
Please wear laser goggles for any in room reserch or experiment.
Please keep laser far from under 18 years old Childern

Please assure to select a stable & suitable power supply.
Please always connect the power to laser in correct electric-pole.
Please use the laser in correct ambience condition.
Please keep laser away from any heavy punch or crash or wet/dusty place.

Note: When regulating this laser,do not put your fingers contact with the laser beam, otherwise,there is a risk of burns!

Package Included:
1x 1000mW Blue Laser Moudle
1x Power Adapter(AC220V to DC12V)
1x Goggles

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