45*100CM 3D Decorative Window Glass Frosting Film


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45*100CM 3D Decorative Window Glass Frosting Film

Size: (approx.) 45*100CM
Thickness of Film: (approx.) 0.3MM
Material: PVC
Opacity: 80-90%

It is designed by electrostatic technology without gum.
Easy to paste and peel off.
Waterproof, oil proof and explosion-proof.
UV isolation, heat insulation and low temperature resistance.
Environmentally-friendly and non-fading.
It is applicable to any smooth glass, such as bathroom door glass, window glass, kitchen and living room, etc.

Use Tips
1  clean the glass.
2  measurement dimensions of window and tailoring.
3  add water in the glass.
4  peel off the back paper and paste against the glass while peeling off the back paper.
5  board scraping out the air, or with a needle puncture and scraping.
6  cut the unnecessary part of film with a knife.

Package included
1 x 45*100CM 3D Window Glass Frosting Film

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