5 Pairs Singing Magnets Rattlesnake Eggs


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5 Pairs Singing Magnets Rattlesnake Eggs

Material: Magnets
Dimention: 40cm
Color: Black
Age range: Above 5 years old
Warning: Keep it away from baby due to small parts

The magnets are nice to play with when you don't use your hands. For example, when reading a book or watching a movie.
The magnets are quite strong. When you put a finger between them you can still lift them up.
When they move against each other you hear a sound, this is what the singing refers to. This works best if you release them next to each other.
They also don't make your hands smell when you are playing with them.
There is only one con. After using them a while the paint begins to dissapear at the point where the magnets connect to each other. When this happens the sound will also begin to dissapear.

Package Included
10  x  Magnet Rattlesnake

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