5V/9V/12V Rechargeable Lithium Battery 3 In 1 Mobile Power


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5V/9V/12V Multifunctional Rechargeable Lithium Battery 3 In 1 Mobile Power

This battery box USES the import original lithium cell,small internal resistance, large capacity, small size, more cycle times, no memory effect, etc;Internal circuit for multiple protection design, can prevent overcharge, discharge, flow; Using computer testing and monitoring the quality when manufacturing, ensure the excellent performance.

Technical Parameters:

Input Voltage 12.6VDC
Output Voltage 5VDC/ 9VDC/ 12VDC
Output Current 5V=0.5-1A  9V/12V=2A
Battery Capacity 5V(15000 mAh)/9V(8500mAh)/12V(6500mAh)
Dimension 125x 75x 29MM
Weight 200G
Scope can be used for wireless camera, surveillance cameras, wireless infrared detector, car LCD TV, automotive products, locator, medical equipment, electronic products design, LED lamps and lanterns, portable DVD, intercom, digital camera, CD player, MD player, MP3 player, aviation model,ect. which uses 12V power.

Battery Charging Method:
First,connect to the power, red light ON; Open the battery switch to "ON", the indicator light ON;
The charger output terminal connected to a battery box "DC IN/OUT," green light ON indicates charging starts; charging time is generally more than 8 hours,the green light OFF indicates the battery is full charge.
The battery case inside adopts overload, over voltage, short circuit protection circuit;When the battery is operated incorrect, the internal circuit will automatically cut off power supply, protect the battery.

Package Included:
1x 5V/9V/12V Battery
1x US Adapter
1x USB 5V Output Line
1x 12V Output Line

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