638nm 1000mw Orange Red Laser Diode ML501P73 Pulse 5.6mm TO18


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638nm 1000mw Orange Red Laser Diode ML501P73 Pulse 5.6mm TO18

 ML501P73 is a high-power,highly efficient semiconductor laser diode which provides emission wavelength of 638nm and standard light output of 1.0W(Pulse).
This LD has broad-stripe structure which enables high output power


Model ML501P73
Wavelength 638nm (Orange Red)
Output power 1000mw
Pulse power  > 1000mW
Voltage 1.9-2.6V
Current <800mA
The impulse conditions pulse duty ratio ≤ 33%, pulse frequency ≥ 50Hz
Operating temperature -5 ~ +40°C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +100 °C
 Package T018 (5.6MM)
Service life More than 10,000 hours
Usage Can be used for equipment, health care (beauty instrument), printing equipment, bio-analysis, stage lighting, projection turned teaching Page pen, flashlight, warm measurement (ranging) instrument, Swinger, marking device, horizontal ruler, toys and other products.

This kind of Laser diode at wavelength 638nm & output power 1000mW is used for ultra-compact color projector; with distinctive red color and high visibility.
The focus range of image: the greater depth of field, the greater the range.
For lasers around 640nm, when the wavelength is shorter by 5nm, the laser visibility (brightness) is increased by about 25%.

Package Included:
1x 638nm 1000mw Orange Red Laser Diode


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