6V-12V Inner Rotor DC Motor Internal Drive Brushless Motor Reversible


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Inner rotor brushless motor, with built-in driver board, operating voltage between 6V-12V, it is disassemble.
The wires cut very short, the original machine has six wires, but we only connect four wires that can be use.

Motor Diameter: 35.8mm
Motor height: 40mm
Motor weight: 146g
Output shaft: 4mm
Output shaft length: 23.5mm
Theoretical lifetime: 20,000 hours
Electrical connection method 🙁 red, blue and white lines connect to together) connected to the positive, black wire connect to negative.

Voltage: 6-12V

Voltage: 6 V Current: 0.32 A Speed: 2570 RPM
Voltage: 9 V Current: 0.38 A Speed: 3895 turn
Voltage: 12 V Current: 0.46 A Speed: 5268 turn

(Motor is built-in driver board, and power is relatively large, so easy to heat, particularly when in 12V.)

Package Include:
1x Internal Drive Motor

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