Accurate Pet Dog Digital Thermometer Portable Dog Electronic Thermometer


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Accurate Pet Dog Digital Thermometer Portable Dog Electronic Thermometer

●LCD panel make it easier to read, and the accuracy rate is up to 93%.
●The digital thermometer is using button cell, it is convenient to replace, so you can use it for a long time.

●The head of the dog digital thermometer is made of metal and is soft, which has no stimulation and is non-toxic.
One button operation, you can easier operate it, and it is portable, you can take it with you when you are outdoor with your dog.

1.Wrap the head of the digital thermometer with plastic wrap, then press the power button
2.You will hear a purring, the display will show the last record for 2-3s, then the symbol of “
℃” will twinkle, represent the digital thermometer is in the state of waiting for testing
3.Hold your dog tightly, then lift up his/her tail, insert the digital thermometer into his/her anus for 3-5cm
4.After hearing a beep tone, pull it out, and the result displays on the screan.

1.Dog's body temperature is unstable,it is lower in the morning and higher in the afternoon,and much higher after doing exercise,so we should record any period of dog's healthy body temperature
2.If your dog's temperature is 1 ℃ higher than average, there must be something wrong with your dog, you should observe if your dog has any symptons
3.If your dog's body temperature is over 40℃, it means your dog is in a danger's state, sent him/her to the hospital right away


Material:Soft plastic
Measuring Rage: 32℃-42
Quantity: 1 Pcs

Package Includes:

1 x Digital Thermometer
3 x Button Cells




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