Basic Learning Kit For Raspberry Pi Beginner Starter


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Basic Learning Kit For Raspberry Pi Beginner Starter


This is the beginner's learning kit of raspberry pi, it does not include the raspberry pi development board, if you have a development board, you can use them to make some interactive fun project.
Through this kit you can learn relevant knowledge of the Linux operating system, as well as the raspberry-based Debian (Linux-based) system C and python programming language as well as related application of sensors and modules in the raspberry pi.
If you are fans of Arduino it will be the best, Arduino and raspberry pi is the best partner.
You can through Arduino strong community support and rich library of third-party resources to make more creative DIYs and integrate into the raspberry pi of the powerful functions support, allows you an endless stream of creativity and inspiration!

Package included:

1 x 30/pack of bread lines
1 x Male to female DuPont line 20p
5 x Red LED
5 x Blue LED
5 x Yellow LED
1 x Yellow hat button
1 x 50K adjustable potentiometers
1 x GPIO expansion board V1
1 x 830 hole bread board
1 x Remote control
1 x 9G servos
1 x PCF8591 AD/DA conversion module
1 x 1602 LED screen
5 x 1K resistors
5 x 10K resistors
8 x 220R resistor
1 x Infrared receiver component
1 x LM35 components
1 x Flame element
2 x Ball bearing components
3 x Photosensitive sensors
1 x MAX7219 dot matrix module
1 x 1*40 pin needle
1 x Four-digit tube
1 x one digital tube
1 x 74H595 IC
1 x 40P Rainbow cable

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