Black On Silver Label Tape Cartridge Compatible For Brother TZ931 P-Touch 12mm


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The new upgrade, the hole a bit more precise, clear print, not to hurt the machine,film processing, 
can maintain long-term appearance, waterproof, anti-oil, anti-corrosion effect

Colors: Black On Silver
Shell Size: 6.8*8.7cm
Length: 8m (26.2ft)
Width: 12mm (1/2 ")

How to use:
Prior to recapture tags, pick up the tab with the ribbon shaft is rotated
counterclockwise until the ribbon at the outlet of the ribbon is taut flat state,
then put the machine to print, to avoid interrupting the ribbon is slack ribbon

Office area
Factory Warehouse
Power Telecom
Hotels and restaurants
School Library
Medical Laboratory

Package included:
1 x Label tape

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