BT800 Mini Portable Subwoofer Handsfree Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


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BT800 Mini Portable Subwoofer Handsfree Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Product Description:
Seven advantages: Bluetooth wireless play, 10 meters of wireless transmission
Integrated TF card reader, MP3 / WMA / WAV audio playback
Built-in microphone, hands-free phone calls
With voice prompts, voice volume memory
Unique open pot design, showing a perfect 360-degree sound
Dual-mode power supply, built-in lithium battery and USB power supply mode, battery life up to 10 hours
The latest Bluetooth 4.0 specifications and supports A2DP protocol (HD lossless Bluetooth solution) and AAC format, high-fidelity sound
Speaker effect: 3D Surround
Speaker box material: plastic
Color: 800 Hyun black, 800 white-hyun
Bullet design concept, colorful LED lights glare, answer the phone functions, compatible with the market 99% of Bluetooth devices, radio function

1. Turn the power switch on the side of the speaker, the speaker will beep, then speaker for the slow flashing blue lights intermediate state, if the speaker is not in Bluetooth mode, press the mode button Mode switch to Bluetooth mode.
2. Turn on the Bluetooth mobile phone is set to enter the search, see the display connection paired BT800, initial pairing password for the speaker will beep 0000. After a successful connection, then the middle and blue light does not flash, you can select a song to play in the mobile phone .
3. Speaker phone is paired, the Bluetooth speaker with memory function, when using another phone, place have been successfully paired Bluetooth-enabled cell phone close and long press the play / pause button, re-mating connector.

Packing lists:
1x Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual

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