Cotton Stripe Dormitory Bunk Bed Curtain Shading Cloth Mosquito Nets


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Dormitory Bunk Cotton Bed Curtain Stripe Shade Cloth Mosquito Nets

Shade clothe can be shielded any light to avoid influencing others, like table lamp, cellphone lights or notebook lights. To create a independent and secret space on dormitory.

Material: Cotton
Size: 200*110 cm(L*H)
Pattern: Stripe Dot
Color: Coffee, Pink, Blue
Usable range: 2m long and 1m width bed

Easy to install and remove
insipidity, permeability good, not affect sleeping
No fade, washable with water for repeated use
Multi color optional, 7 color optional, different pattern, make your life more colorful
Silver plating fabric, light shadingup to 75%-90%, can be shielded any light
Can prevent dust from being drawn into the bed with dust cover

1. One cloth of 2m long can cover up one front.
2. Two cloths of 2m long can cover up one front and two sides.
3. Onw cloth of 2m long and one cloth of 1m long can cover up one front and one side.

Package include:
1 X Shade Cloth

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