Cycling Mountain Bike bicycle Handlebar Grips Lockable Handle


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Cycling Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips Silicone Bilateral Lockable Handle

Color: Black, Blue, Yellow, Red
Material: Aluminum alloy + non-slip rubber
Size: 12.8cm x 4.5cm x 3cm
For diameter handlebar between 2-2.5 only

Use this product you can prevent debris entering the handlebar in
Ergonomic grips, non-slip rubber coating, high-strength lightweight aluminum Adaptor
Bilateral slip lock design, soft and comfortable, to avoid long rides
After the installation is complete, you need to install the block,cause numbness and pain in the fingers palm, and whether it is rain or perspiration riding,the sets are not easy to slip
Firm not falling, bilateral locked. Three-dimensional shape, color and soft, add personality to your car atmosphere
Removable aluminum to ring, when the need to install the card in the sleeve collar

Package includes:
2 x handlebar set

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