DC3V-6V to 400kV Boost Step-up Power Module High-voltage Generator


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DC 3V-6V to 400KV  2-5A Boost Step-up Power Module High-voltage Generator

Input voltage: DC 3 V – 6 V
Input current: 2 A – 5 A
High pressure type: The type of pulse current
Output voltage: 400000 V(Please pay attention to safety)
High pressure discharge distance between: 10 mm – 20 mm
The output high voltage wire length: 130 mm
Input power cord length: 60 mm (the red line is positive)

Red and green power connection red line:"+" , green line "-"
output: the other side, same color cable

Please notice:
The high-voltage module should avoid the use of electricity in high voltage no-load. (Power must be adjusted to a suitable distance to the high-voltage output line, battery capacity is proportional to the distance and the use of the high-pressure arc ( not a voltage as high as possible , you must provide enough current ) .
Experimental test of the arc distance from short to long. Do not exceed the maximum arc distance electricity, energy can not be released due to high pressure , can easily damage the module. )

Intermittent, continuous work does not allow more than 1 minute and the output side does not allow shorting. Improper voltage and long working hours easily damaged module.

Package included:
1 x Power Module

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