DEGEN DE321 FM Stereo MW SW Radio DSP World Band Receiver


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DEGEN DE321 FM Stereo MW SW Radio DSP World Band Receiver


DEGEN DE321 radio with mini size is rather compact and elegant. You can put it in your pocket while listen to the broadcasting. It is very conveniently for people who often take a bus or drive cars as well as like listen to the latest news.


The DSP solution based design.
World band broadcasting signal reception (FM, MW, and SW band).
Dedicated tuning knob for easy and fast frequency tuning.
LED tuning indication.
Built-in the standard 3.5mm stereo socket for audio signal output to support the earphone application.
Built-in the telescopic whip antenna to improve the signal reception on the FM band and SW band.
Listening the FM Stereo program via the earphone.


FM band frequency coverage 64.0MHz-108.0MHz
MW band frequency coverage 522KHz-1710KHz
SW meter band frequency coverage SW1 (5.70MHz to 6.40MHz), SW2 (6.85MHz to 7.50MHz), SW3 (9.30MHz to 10.00MHz), SW4 (11.60MHz to 12.20MHz), SW5 (13.55MHz to 14.15MHz), SW6 (15.10MHz to 15.90MHz), SW7 (17.20MHz to 18.00MHz), SW8 (21.30MHz to 21.95MHz)
Noise Limited Sensitivity FM band < 10uV, MW band < 1mV/m, SW band < 30uV
Single Signal Selectivity > 10dB
Built-in speaker 50mm diameter and 8 Ohm impedance
The power supply used on this DE321 radio 2pcs AA size 1.5V Alkaline batteries or 2pcs AA size 1.2V Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Size 120 x 74 x 21 / 4.7 x 2.9 x 0.8 inch

Package Included:

1 x DE321 FM Radio
1 x Manual

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