Deluxe Uno R3 Basic Kit Starter Learning Kit For Arduino


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Deluxe Uno R3 Basic Kit Starter Learning Kit For Arduino


1. Arduino Uno R3 is the best introductory learning kit, it is easy to use, powerful, able to meet the needs of the vast majority of DIY enthusiasts.
2. If you feel Arduino Uno R3 Advanced Kit can not meet your demand for electronic DIY fanatic, then the Arduino Uno R3 Deluxe suite is definitely your best choice, both kit contains all the learning, but also contains a part of electronic building blocks module!
3. We carefully selected a variety of DIY components, sensors, etc., as many as 40 kinds of species, so having all the fun you can want to achieve their own DIY electronic products.


Arduino Uno R3 module expansion boards, bread boards, flexible connection to your module
4×4 keyboard and driver board
Digital control module
Bluetooth module can achieve data transmission with mobile phone
125KHz RFID, can achieve credit card, access control, etc
Wireless Remote Control
Servos, stepper motors, DC brush motor, play a variety of motor control

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