Digital Accessories Headphone Cable Hard Drive Finishing Carry Case


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Digital Accessories Finishing Pack Headphone Cable Pouch Hard Drive Carry Case

More and more mobile devices, cables, very messy, and how to store it neat?
A large net bag, six small net bag, 12 tied with plaid
Mobile power, charging cable, charging plug, can all be put to
Only need a pouch, you can easily solve this problem! ! !

Dimensions: As shown in Figure
Material: Nylon
Minimalist style, boys and girls love
Carefully prepared color
Neutral colors, quality materials, fine workmanship,
Let this be your life or admission package travel is a good helper

Green nylon waterproof fabric, has a very lightweight characteristics
Excellent waterproof performance, so any tiny water droplets can not penetrate into the admission package
Oh just a little shake, water drops will naturally fall
Ripstop extreme performance, but also greatly improve the wear resistance
Smooth zipper, special customized durable slider
Make use of the process seemed very

Package includes:
1 x Pouch

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