DIY Highland Mobile Music Box Bluetooth Music Receiver Kit


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DIY Highland Mobile Music Box Bluetooth Music Receiver Kit


1.Built-in voltage regulator, the power to adapt to a wide range of 5-24V voltage theoretically possible to use recommended voltage 5V, 12V, using a common USB interface charger or 12V car power supply can be plugged into the computer USB port can also be goodIt works, but it is recommended that a good number of quality optional AC adapter to ensure quality.

2. USE the British CSR Bluetooth audio transmission dedicated chip, ERO capacitance, KOA precision resistor and fever audio amplifier, ensure quality if the line as pure, but to meet it-yourself hobby replace the amplifier upgrade
3. Set the input port, tap the button that is the boot output native Bluetooth audio signal, then that is shut down and automatically switch to the input audio, the use of imported small sealed relay switches, completely eliminate the bass with your existing audio equipment with and easily upgrade to Bluetooth wireless audio
4. has an external antenna connector (kit includes an external antenna), greatly increase the transmission distance, good transmission can be anywhere within 100 square meters room
5. The finished products designed, installed the kit can be installed as shown in Figure-looking machine
6. This circuit can also be used for internal conversions, you can easily upgrade your existing wireless Bluetooth stereo audio, headphone jack board position reserved for a three-pin output of the input signal interface can be exchanged for the antenna socket with wire nuts type, can be installed in the cabinet proper position within the machine to provide 5-24V single power supply.

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1 x DIY Highland Mobile Music Box Bluetooth Music Receiver Kit

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