DIY Microcontroller Ultrasonic Ranging Alarm Kit


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DIY Microcontroller Ultrasonic Ranging Alarm Kit


The AT89S52 as the core, using a pair of 40 kHz piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer design a smaller, high accuracy, Ultrasonic Ranging Alarm Kit
The design of the control distance of 80cm, the distance can own change in the program
This design uses the round trip time detection. The principle is that a certain frequency ultrasonic sensor ultrasonic transmitter, reflected by air after the propagation medium, or obstacles to the measuring target, the reflected pulse is received by the ultrasonic receiver, i.e. its round trip time elapsed time, and the ultrasonic wave propagation round trip time the journey distance related. Transmission time can be drawn from the test.

S is assumed as the object to the distance between the rangefinder, the measured time t / s, ultrasonic wave propagation velocity of v / m · s-1 indicates, the relationship of the formula (1)
s = vt / 2 (1)
At higher precision, it is necessary to consider the impact of temperature on the ultrasonic wave propagation velocity, according to equation (2) of the ultrasonic wave propagation velocity should be amended to reduce the error.
v = 331.4 + 0.607T (2)
Where, T is the actual temperature of the unit is ℃, v ultrasonic propagation in the medium speed unit m / s.

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1 x DIY Microcontroller Ultrasonic Ranging Alarm Kit

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