Dynamo LED Outdoor Camping Tent Light Flashlight Lantern Lamp


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Dynamo LED Multifunctional Outdoor Camping Tent Light Flashlight Lantern Lamp Torch Home Emergency

1.Five light-emitting tube head highlighted lighting, among 12 straw hat highlighted lighting lamp;
2.Internal battery charging can use external power supply, also can use a computer USB charging;
3.Elastic locking hook at the bottom of the design
4.Hand electricity without dry cell; Green, environmental protection, economy, safety, easy to leakage L infinite loop use ordinary dry cells);
5.Exterior sedate and easy, comfortable feel.

LED: 5light-emitting tube head light, 12 highlighted middle light
Size: 220*60(diameter)mm
Weight: 260g
Battery(built-in): 300mAh, 3.6v
Charging time: 8h
Standby time: 1.4h (12 middle lights on), 4h( 5 head lights on)

Usage notice:
1, after you receive the flashlight charging 1 hour before use.
2, the discharge time shoulds not be too long, avoid by all means is used to charge battery consumption light. Three points in brightness to light a moment in time, please recharge and discharge excessive can cause cut short battery life.
3, light red is said when charging function is good, should pay attention to, when the battery is full of light will not change color. A full charge time of 8 hours, after the charger is full, an automatic protection circuit board.
4, empty shakes at least once a month (the time of not less than 1 minute), by running in mechanical parts, and maintain the optimum condition of the battery.

Package includes:
1 x LED Camping Tent Light Flashlight Lantern Lamp
1 x Usb cable

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