DYS G3 3 Axis Handheld Steady Camera Gimbal For Gopro 3/3+/4


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DYS G3 3 Axis Handheld Steady Camera Gimbal For Gopro 3/3+/4

The Maximum Rotation Angle Of The Axis:

Brand name: DYS
Item name:  DYS G3 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal
Gyro: 3 axis
Three mode:Locking mode,Heading following mode,Heading and pitch following mode
Suit for Gopro 3 / 3+ / 4

Items   Min   Standard Max Remarks
Working Voltage  7.4V   11.1V 12.6V  
Working current 200mA 450mA 2A  
Static Attitude Tracking Accuracy  +-0.01   +-0.04  
Motion Attitude Tracking Accuracy  +-0.1 +-0.2 +-0.04  
Pitch Angle  -180 0 +180
Roll Angle  -45 0 +35  
Heading Angle -150 0 +150 Vertical
Heading Angle   -50 0 +50 Horizontal
Pitch Following Rate  1°/Sec   50°/Sec  
Heading Following Rate  1°/Sec   80°/Sec  
Battery time 0.3h 1h 3h 650mAh x 3
Working temperature -20℃ 25℃ 45℃  
Weight  300g (Without battery& camera )

1.Suit for Gopro Hero3/3+/4 camera
2.Aluminum handle that you have a good grip of use and can be easily manipulated with one hand.
3.Light weight, easy to carry, easy to use, PLAY & PLUG.
4.Whether it is fast walking, chase, steering, ultra-low-angle shooting can be easily achieved, using more than two hours
5.The simple 3 mode design can cater for every ground based environment.
GOPRO Camera is not included.

Package includes:
1 x 3-Axis Handheld Camera Stabilizer
1 x camera holder
4 x 16340 Battery
1 x 16340 Battery Charger
2 x M2x12 screws

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