E27 LED Lamp Bluetooth 4.0 Music Audio Speaker Bulb APP Controller


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The LED Bluetooth Audio Lamp is a kind of fashion products with the unique design is together with LED, Infrared, Bluetooth and stereo audio combo product. The wireless audio lamps together with one Infrared remote controller, the blue-tooth audio receiver suit for all kinds of products with Bluetooth, such as mobile phone, MID, tablet PC etc.
The Lamp host is the international interface of E27 plug screw in E27 light socket .
The light will directly be used as a daily lighting at night,or used as a red, green blue scene lights. Each one lamp illumination brightness is same as the lamp of 30W incandescent light bulb, but the lamp power consumption is only less than 4.5W!
Otherwise, the LED lighting life is equivalent to the summation of 40pcs incandescent lamps working life!
Power amplifier can be reached to 90% that make playing effect closer to be natural.

Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless digital transmission with 1M data transmission bandwidth;
Lossless audio codec / decoding technology;
Energy saving, RGB dimming and non- stroboscopic eye-protection LED lamp ;
Multi functional remote control;
Volume, light on/off, RGB dimming and brightness adjust are wireless controlled;
Bluetooth stereo sound frequency equipment connection is supported ;
When the call comes in, the connection with product would be shut down and also it would be connected automatically when the calling is over.

Power: Speaker 3W, LED 4.5W
Input voltage (W): 90-240V 50 / 60HZ
Lamp holder: E27
Material: ABS Plastic
Light Color: RGB (18 Colors)
Color: White / Green / Yellow / Pink
Lamp size: 143mm x 85mm x 27mm
Package box size: 186mm x 101mm x 104mm (H x L x W)

LED lighting indicators
Light power (Lm): < 4.5W
Lumen ratio (K): > 260
Color temperatures (if): 3000 – 6000
Light fades:  < 10%
Dimming: PWM

Audio amplifier parameters
Audio Power (w): 3W
Frequency response: 40HZ – 18KHZ
Distortion: < 1%
SNR: > 80 dB

Volume Control: Infrared Control
Bluetooth transmission distance: > 10 m
Infrared control distance: > 10 m

Package Included:
1 x Bluetooth LED Lamp


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