Eachine QI Wireless Charging Receiver For 1A Micro-USB Smartphones


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Receiver input: Wpc 5W
Charging Output: DC 5V/600mA
Size: 62*46mm

Stable and compatible for most phone with micro USB 1A input (Make sure that the Micro USB port located at the centre of the mobile & The Micro USB narrow-interface is near to phone screen.

Working with physical principles, feel the charm of technology
Ultrathin design, compact and lightweight without increasing additional weight of the phone
Easy assembly and disassembly. Can be attached at all time without removing it frequently and would not interrupting the normal use.
Guaranteed by Eachine.com. 

Make sure that your mobile is using charge cable with micro 1A input USB head, the micro USB is at the middle of the phone, USB of phone whose narrow-interface is near to phone screen.

1. Open the back cover.
2. Stick the micro-USB plug in the device's charging socket, stick the rest on the back of the device with the included sticky tape.
3. Tear the sticker, stick the receiver to the battery of your mobile phone.
4. Close the back cover.
5. Place the receiver at the center of the charging area.

Package Included:
1 x QI Wireless Charging Receiver For 1A Input Micro-USB Smartphones

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